To make things easy, each sticker already includes a sheet of masking tape

        at the front to help apply it squarely on the surface, and can be removed after

        application. You should trace out the dges of the design before applying each

        time to make sure you are satisfied with the placement.


Do not remove all of the backing paper at the same time, which will expose

        the sticky side. Just expose small positions of the masking tape on the top

        corners first as you are still trying to compose the whole design. This

        technique is advised because placement can be tricky for a big format or

        multiple piece design. Make sure it is in the right position and you're happy

        with it, before removing the backing paper.


Run the squeegee over the surface of the sticker and pull the backing paper

        off from top to bottom. Run the squeegee overthe sticker again before pulling

        the masking tape away,slowing and carefully, to make sure it's stuck on firmly.

        Otherwise the WallGraFx may pull off with  the masking tape. IJ it does pull

        off. You can simply place it back on to the wall and run the squeegee over it

        again. If you’re not comfortable using the squeegee we've provided, you can

        use an ATM card instead.


When applying "Stik'Em Up" on a clear glass, make sure it's dry and free of

        water otherwise it will cause the sticker to look misty on the glued side. Avoid

        fingerprints by handling the sticker carefully, being careful not to touch the

        sticky side. The samegoes when applying on to any surface. Make sure it's

        clean and free of dust before applying the sticker.


For large or very detailed designs which includes treebranches or flower

        stalks,such as Safari or CherryBlossom it's best pull the backing paper away

        starting from the braches or stalks first, this will help to prevent any tearing.


For large colorful designs,Petals & Twigs instead, apply the sticker from

        bottom to top. This will help to apply it evenly. For the drape pattern designs

        like Cage and chandelier, where chains are provided in each set, it is not

        necessary to apply it from the top of wall. Apply it any way you think is suitable.


For Platform designs such as spring. Safari and Fountain ofYouth it is not

        necessary to apply from floor level. You can apply it higher up the wall and

        make it look suitable with any furniture component.


For any of the flower stem designs such as Tweet, cherry Blossom and Bird

        Song, although you can place it anywhere, it may look more beautiful if placed

        from the corner of a wall.


For any of the sticker sets, adjust, rotate and reposition as you please. It’s up

        to you!


Any sticker design can be applied on to furniture with a smooth surface... such

        as headboards, closets, kitchen cabinets, fridges, doors, water closets,

        mirroredor glass surfaces, tables, etc. Let your imagination run wild and start

        personalizing and decorating every corner of your home or office.


If you want, you can even use "Stik 'Em Up" to decorate your car and

        motorcycle. facebook twister