Q : What is Stik 'Em Up?
A : It is a professionally designed sticker for decoration that makes your walls come alive.
     We have created over 200 trendy
designs for you to choose from.


Q : Where is it made?

A : Stik Em Up are made in Thailand and designed by thais using only top quality materials.


Q : Why is Stik 'Em Up unique? What's the comparison between our Stik 'Em up and Imported

A : 1. Stik 'Em Up is made from the best quality sticker available, Ritram brand from the UK.

      2. We use a Matt coated sticker that blends with most wall types.
      3. We use a removable sticker. No water i required for applying and no dirty mark is left
          after removal.
      4. We make things easy for everybody just un-pack and apply!
      5. A squeegee and installation instruction sheet i provided in every pack.

Q : How long will it last for?
A : Normally Ritrama stickers will last for 3 years. If you use it on an indoor wall, without it being
      exposed to sunshine and rain, It will last for over 5 years.

Q : Where can we stick it up?
A : You can apply it to any smooth surface on the walls of your house, windows, mirrors, fridges,
      cellings, and furniture. If apply it on gypsum surfaces, you need to make sure that it's clean
      and free of dust.

Q : Do we need to use water when applying it like other stickrs?
A : It is no necessary to use water. Just using the squeegee provided is enough.

Q : Is itpossible to our Bathrooms with Stik' Em Up?

A : Yes, but you need to do it when your bathroom wall is dry and free of mildew. Give the wall
      a good scrub and make sure that it's completely dry before applying.

Q : How much does it cost?
A : Stik 'Em Ups are sold in sets or packs. The price depends on the design which is
      approximately ThB 300-1,200 per set/pack.

Q : Can we specify the color and/or size of the Stik 'Em Up of our choice?
      How much extra do we have to pay?

A : Although we believe that we have designed our products with the best colours in mind, color
      can be changed at no extra charge. If you wantto change the size, there will be an extra
      charge depending on the size you want it to be. Generally, please add 2-3 days for orders
      of this nature.

Q : Can we get our own sticker design made? How much will it cost?
A : Sure, you can! But we need to see your design first before pricing. If you already have your
      design in the Vector file format, we will not charge you any more artwork fees. For JPG files
      however, an artwork fee will still be charged.


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